Beyond Energy Efficiency in Homes and Buildings

Ambitious green building and energy efficiency standards for homes and buildings such as LEED®FSC®Passive HouseNet Zero EnergyEarth Advantage and the Living Building ChallengeTM inform how we (re)create spaces to function as healthy living systems. 

Green building standards define the market perception of energy efficient homes and green buildings, and are positively transforming our built environment.

High Standards for Ultra-low Energy Buildings

Passive House (known as Passivhaus in Europe) is an advanced energy-efficiency standard that produces buildings with superior indoor air quality and thermal comfort while reducing required heating energy use. Passive House buildings are super insulated and virtually air tight, requiring minimal energy for heating and cooling. A typical Passive House building consumes 90% less heating and cooling energy and has 70% less overall energy consumption than a standard home. The Passive House standard applies to all building types, including single and multi-family residences, mixed-use buildings, health and wellness centers, hotels, schools, commercial office buildings, and restaurants.

Passive House = High Performance

The benefits to building to Passive House Standards include:

Incredible energy efficiency, reducing the need for most mechanical heating and cooling.
Healthy buildings, where air infiltration from the exterior is minimized and ventilation provides clean air filtered of pollen, irritants and contaminates.
Comfort – the typical picture is of a child sitting by a large window with snow outside – the difference in temperature near the window is minimal.


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